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May 16, 2012
General Fishing Season Opener May 19th

Montana's general fishing season is slated to open this Saturday. 
Conditions are looking good to great all over Southwest Montana.  There are some bigger rivers that will be opening on Saturday as well as the tributaries and small streams effectively giving all Montana anglers open access for the season.  Places like the upper Beaverhead, upper Madison (Raynolds Pass, $3 Bridge area) are notable Opening Day places to hit--- if  you don't mind fishing with a crowd.  Granted, the fishing is likely to be quite good, but I'll take my fishing with a few less other anglers present, thank you.  A wonderful Montana river  that may not be on your immediate radar but should be because of good conditions (read not in flood stage uber high flows like the past couple years) would be the Dearborn river (Missouri trib).  It's a long day depending upon the flows, but this is one of the prettiest canyon rivers around the state and the fishing can be pretty good too.  Right here in our backyard is Mill Creek and Big Creek.  Again with the snowpack we have coming out quickly with the hot weather we have been experiencing, both creeks are up in flow but I wouldn't say that they are completely unfishable and out of the question even this weekend.  And within a short time, these creeks may actually be running quite clear and be very good options for fihsing as we wait a little longer for the Yellowstone to come back into shape.  When's that going to be?  Middle to last week of June is our guess.  And we're really looking forward to that!  Salmonflies will be all over the river at that time and for the first time in several years (like maybe 4) we will be able to get in on the good fishing.  Still looking for another opportunity?  There is the MZ- Ranch.  Ben Hart and Thompson spring creeks run through the Milesnick's property and starting this weekend, this can be a great location to go wet a line with potentially excellent results.  Dry fly fishing may not be getting the top billing, but the early season nymphing action can be outstanding.  Streamers thrown in the deep pools can also bring hefty browns on the attack.  You'll need advance reservations to get on the creeks as there are only 6 anglers/day allowed out there.  Having a guide is not a bad idea either.  Give us a call and we can arrange both.  

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