Private Waters

Through several unique relationships, we can get our clients on to some exclusive private property for an excellent, secluded fishing experience. Call us today to get more information at 406-333-4401.

Privately accessed water options include:

The world renowned Paradise Valley Spring Creeks
  •  Depuy
  • Armstrong (O'Hair)
  • Nelson
On the Gallatin Valley side there is access to
  • Milesnick Ranch -which includes  Ben Hart & Thompson Creek as well as several miles of the East Gallatin river
In addition to these more well know locations, we also have access to several private ranches that you will not find access to with any other outfitter or fly shop other than Angler's West and our partner.   we will not name these ranch locations directly, but let us say that these smaller freestone & spring creek locations are a lot of fun to fish and we often get guests requesting to fish just on these privately accessed locales for their entire trip.
  • Over 20 river miles of private ranch access are leased
  • These are small, intimate freestone rivers & creeks
  • Quality Rainbows, browns,cutthroat, and brook trout abound with sizes ranging from 10 to over 20 inches
  • Rest & Rotation schedules to each property to help ensure a high quality experience

We also spend time on several trophy Spring fed lakes during the spring and late fall times.  Excellent chironomid, March Brown, Callibaetis, and Damsels are common hatches on these waters & can bring up the big boys making for challenging but rewarding top water action!
  • Burn's
  • Story
  • Sitz
  • Merrill

*Please note that almost all privately accessed properties, while offering a degree of solitude and exclusivity, come with a price. Rod fees are charged by the ranch owners for access and are typically in the order of $75-100/rod is the norm.  The Paradise Valley Spring creeks do have off season rates of $75/angler rod day from mid-April through mid-June and again mid-Sept through mid-October.  And during the winter months the rod fee is reduced to $40. Advance reservations are a must. Several of the creeks need reservations a year in advance if you want to fish during the Peak times in mid-June through July.
Stream Flows
  • Lamar River nr Tower Ranger Station YNP
  • Flow (cfs): 698
    Temperature (°F): 64.4
  • Yellowstone River near Livingston MT
  • Flow (cfs): 4720
    Temperature (°F): 68.72
  • Boulder River at Big Timber MT
  • Flow (cfs): 594
  • Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway MT
  • Flow (cfs): 776
  • Stillwater River near Absarokee MT
  • Flow (cfs): 1540
    Temperature (°F): 67.1
  • Madison River at Kirby Ranch nr Cameron MT
  • Flow (cfs): 1210
    Temperature (°F): 71.42
  • Madison River bl Ennis Lake nr McAllister MT
  • Flow (cfs): 1710
    Temperature (°F): 75.92
  • Missouri River bl Holter Dam nr Wolf Cr MT
  • Flow (cfs): 3990
    Temperature (°F): 63.86
  • Big Hole River near Melrose MT
  • Flow (cfs): 502
    Temperature (°F): 70.34
  • Beaverhead River at Barretts MT
  • Flow (cfs): 838