Stillwater River

Taking it's start high in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness, the Stillwater River is anything but still.  This beautiful southwest Montana river if filled with plunges, pools, sets of whitewater rapids, and large boulders.  Similar in nature to its neighbor to the west the Boulder River, the Stillwater river has a large gradient drop coming off the Beartooth Plateau on it's way to meeting the Yellowstone River near Columbus, MT.  The first 20 or so miles are higher alpine river inside the Beartooth Wilderness.  Once outside the Wilderness, the river flows through a mix of small canyons, pine and cottonwood forest, as well as ranchland and hayfield meadows.

Outside the Wilderness, there is a good road system that allows for excellent access along the riverway.  While there is a lot of privately owned ranch land and homesteads along the riverway, there are numerous public access locations designated by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks that allow for fishermen and other river users to have very good access to the river.  Fishermen will find the Stillwater to be full of Rainbows, browns, some cutthroat, and mountain whitefish. Fishing can be excellent from post runoff through the Fall with the months of July and August seeing the most pressure from anglers.  Floating the river is the best way to fish the Stillwater, though due to it's rough and tumble nature, doing so from a raft may be best.