March 2018

New Carpet Smell


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Ooooh that smell,Can't you smell that smell? OK- so bad singing aside, we're getting a little facelift here this late March. Just in time for our early spring fishing season to get underway. It's been a lot of years, and a lot of Yellowstone river sand and gravel ground into the floor since...

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Happy St. Paddy's Day BBQ Style


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St. Paddy's Day and normally this would be a day for something a little more Irish. But, today also coincides with the re-opening of Follow Yer Nose BBQ joint out behind the flyshop. It's been almost 5 1/2 months since Taylor and the boys have cranked up the smoker and produced the best BBQ in SW...

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Stream Flows

(cfs): 2520
65.66 F°
(cfs): 2750
63.86 F°
67.1 F°
(cfs): 298
60.26 F°
(cfs): 29.4
(cfs): 142
(cfs): 112
(cfs): 191
(cfs): 842
62.96 F°