April 2019

Yellowstone River Update April 17th, 2019


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Yellowstone River Update April 17th, 2019 Over cast days have been an anglers dream that last few days as consistent temps have brought on some great Baetis hatches. Look for windless days with lots of cloud cover to drive the hatch and have the fish looking up! We were able to get on the river...

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No (April) Fooling Around


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Sometimes you catch the most interesting things while floating the river. Today was no exception. Though as April Fool's day goes, perhaps this one had a double message. I'm pretty superstitious and belief in the No Bananas In the Boat gig is for real. April Fools Day had been proving to be...

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Stream Flows

(cfs): 975
46.94 F°
(cfs): 1470
32 F°
32 F°
(cfs): 143
41.9 F°
(cfs): 5.57
(cfs): 98.6
(cfs): 82.2
(cfs): 167
(cfs): 429
32 F°