Happy Monday after Easter.
We're continuing to see ourselves in a bit of the Yo-Yo Stone syndrome.  Late last week, daytime temps hit 75 degrees.  Felt good to be in flip flops for the day, but it didn't do much for keeping the river in shape.  Friday the river came up 750 cfs plus.  By Sat the river was pretty well shot even though the weather had returned to a more seasonable mid 50s and freezing at night.  Fast forward to today, things are getting back to what they should be.  Water levels are still a fair bit above what may be historic (we may see this for much of the season- no complaints here!) but the clarity is quickly coming back.  It's olive in color without the brown haziness to it that was present Fri/Sat.  At the Emigrant bridge looking down, there is definition to the rocks 2 feet under.  Today's rain and the prevailing weather pattern for the week look pretty decent to hopefully keeping the river in check and fishing well.  Water temps need to climb back up a few more degrees- they took a pretty good whack with the snowmelt that came in.  Keep the clouds, hope for low wind, a little solar gain and we should be seeing a good return to solid Blue Winged Olives and March Brown mayflies.  Next question remains- can we keep the river in shape for 3 more weeks?  That's the hope.  Mother's Day caddis around the first of May would be great!
Here's a photo of the Papp family that were fortunate to be able to hit the river on a great day last week.  Kids had not ever fly fished before.  Guides changed them from never-evers to happy guests with grins and plans to come back again next year.