Thinking about a Montana Guided  Fly Fishing Trip?
This could be you in the picture!  Spring or Summer fishing on the mind?  High Fives all around!  Now is THE time to be booking your trip.  Our guides are  filling quickly for the season.   Summer and early fall?? Don't wait until the last minute to book -get in touch with us now!



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A multi-tasker's cloud nine. The Stealth Atom pack plays the part of courier bag, daypack and carry-on all in one. Its teardrop shape provides the...
The Sweet Fish Pack keeps gear organized on the flight to wherever you're going and on the river, flats or trail once you get there. The large...
In Big Sky country, ranching venting, two fly-box compatible chest pockets, and pearl and trout accent snaps. Saddle up.
New For Fall 2012 - Fall Run Jacket Fall migrations go in several directions. Upstream for giant browns en route to their natal dancing grounds....
These comfortable felt soled wading shoes are extremely light and flexible while providing stability, durability and foot protection; the fly fishing...
These comfortable sticky rubber wading shoes, with Rock Grip outsoles, are extremely light and flexible while providing stability, durability and...
These tough, durable wading shoes feature aluminum bars on the soles to provide the finest traction in even the most demanding wading conditions. Put...
Meet the All New Radian Until now, you've had to choose between a rod with power and line speed, or a rod with touch and feel. But thanks to...
RS Series (River-Stream) This is the cool reel that was made for Montana's rivers. The RS series is BRC's cutting-edge answer to what our guide...
$410.00 - $495.00
SC Series (Stream and Creek) Wicker creels, chalk streams, gut leaders and bamboo -- the SC series is a modern-day echo of the classic days of fly...
25 products totalpages: << Previous 1 2
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Creature Feature

Hot Fly: Bloom's Caddis
May sees area rivers at times covered in caddis.  The fabled Mother's Day Caddis event is a regional highlight.  While not always hatching right on Mother's Day, this springtime caddis event does "go off" with a vengence on many rivers and spring creeks all over SW Montana.  The Bloom's caddis is a great all around caddis pattern that's easy to see yet fools educated trout.
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