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Common Questions for Montana Fly Fishing Trips

How to be prepared for your fishing trip

What is included on a guided fly fishing trip?

We provide our clients with all of the fishing equipment they will need for a day of fishing. This includes fly rod & reel, waders and boots when necessary. Our guides will provide clients with professional instruction, all the necessary flies and tackle for the day. Guides will also bring a streamside lunch and cooler with water and miscellaneous soft drinks.

Where do I purchase the necessary fishing licenses?

Any of our trips outside of Yellowstone National Park(YNP) require a valid Montana Fishing License, follow the link below to purchase yours today. All trips into YNP require a separate license specific to the park. YNP licenses are available at Angler’s West Flyshop, Gardiner locations, and the Mammoth Ranger Station in the Park.

Montana Fishing Licenses: Go HERE

Yellowstone National Park Fishing Licenses: Go HERE

What if I have never fly fished before?

Have no fear, our guides are here. Fly fishing is becoming a more and more popular activity amongst our seasonal visitors. We are fortunate to have a guide staff capable of taking all levels of anglers out on the water and teaching them as much as possible- from the very basics to significantly advanced fly casting techniques.  Do keep in mind that fishing is not just catching and we cannot guarantee fish on a guided trip. Our guides will do their best to create opportunity to find fish, however it is up to you to make the catch!

How much should I tip my guide?

Gratuities are greatly appreciated by our guides, however they should reflect the level of service provided to the angler. Do remember, fish in the net do not always reflect how hard your guide worked for the day. The average tip for a Montana fishing guide ranges between $125-150 for a full day. Adjust accordingly on half day trips.

Can we keep the fish that we catch?

We operate under a conservation ethic and fishing with us is strictly catch and release. Montana does not stock our rivers- our trout are all wild.  In order to protect the future of our beloved business partners (trout) and continue to have  abundant trout populations, we release all the fish we catch.

What kind of clothing should I wear on a fishing trip?

Appropriate clothing is essential for your day of fishing with us. Please see the attached equipment lists HERE.

What is not included on a guided fly fishing trip?

Clients are responsible for having valid fishing licenses for their fishing destination(state of Montana or Yellowstone National Park), personal effects(see equipment list HERE), alcoholic beverages, specific soft drinks, guide gratuity and a good attitude!

What will the weather be like when I am fishing?

Great question! The local climate here in Southwest Montana can be rather unpredictable. We like to say that the least trustworthy person around is the weatherman. Spring and fall days can expect colder mornings and afternoon temps ranging from the low 40s into to the upper 60s. Summer days can range anywhere from upper 40s in the morning into the upper 90s by the afternoon. We recommend that clients are in tune with the weather report as well as are prepared for every circumstance. See our information on what to wear for more information.

How long is a full day guide trip?

We advertise our full day trips as approximately an 8-hr day with you guide. You can expect anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before you are actually in the river fishing, as well as time to get boats out of the water and clients back to their starting destination at the end of the day. There are circumstances in which days may be slightly shorter or longer. Ultimately, it is your day and you can make it what you would like.  If you have specific needs and would like to shorten up your day,be sure to let your guide(s) know at the start of the day so they can plan best.

Are we guaranteed to catch fish?

Fly fishing is a sport that takes some people years just to graduate from the beginner stage. We take pride in our guides ability to create opportunities for clients of all abilities to catch fish. The ultimate reality is that our guides cannot determine whether or not you land a fly caught fish, the catching is up to you. Whether you are a first timer or seasonal angler our guides will do everything in their power to put you into fishy locations.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you must cancel your guide trip, a full refund of the trip deposit is
allowable by giving Angler's West notice 30 days or more in advance of
scheduled guide trip date(s).  Cancellation notice received less than 30
days before the scheduled trip date(s), the deposit is non-refundable.
Cancellations made 48 hours or less from the scheduled guide trip or
"No-Shows" will result in full payment of the guide trip.  Requests to
change the date(s) of a confirmed trip is the same as cancelling and
re-booking a separate trip and the booking policies as described will apply.
Private water reservations made on your behalf by Angler's West will follow
the same cancellation policies as guide trips.

Angler's West guide trips depart "Rain or Shine".  Angler's West is not
responsible for inclement weather conditions, airline schedules, illness,
water conditions, or car rentals.  Trips cancelled by the guide or mutual
guide/client decision due to unsafe conditions, state or federal closures,
or other uncontrollable circumstances will have the guide portion of the
deposit refunded.  Angler's West reserves the right to make refund decisions
on a case-by-case basis.

We highly suggest that guests make arrangements for and purchase trip
cancellation insurance.

Where can my family and I stay while fishing with Angler's West??

Paradise Valley is home to a variety of lodges, bed and breakfasts, rental homes and hotels. Depending on your needs and price range, there are plenty of options for you and your family and friends.

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