Montana Fly Fishing Trips


Single- and Multi-Day Trips Available

Guided Fly Fishing on Montana's World Famous Rivers

Visit the fly fishing destination of Southwest Montana with plenty of trip options for first-time anglers or long-time experts.

Only a short cast from our respected fly shop, you'll find world renowned fly fishing on the Yellowstone River, Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, and Yellowstone National Park. Within a reasonable drive, add the Madison, Missouri, Jefferson, Gallatin, Stillwater, and Boulder rivers. And you'll do it with guides you can trust to improve your fly fishing skills without making you feel like a novice.

Drift & fish some of the best trout fishing in the Western Rocky Mountain U.S.

Coast at the river's pace in a stable drift boat made for 2 anglers and the guide

Improve your skills in a comfortable, fun and relaxed atmosphere

Enjoy top-of-the-line equipment included with your trip

Full day and (seasonally) half-day trips available

Get your waders wet to experience great fly fishing in Montana

Feel the flow of the water around your legs as you cast

Learn how to stalk fish like an angling expert

Fish the fabled waters of Yellowstone National Park or the Paradise Valley spring creeks: Depuy's and Armstrong's (O'hair). 

Special Access to private trout-filled lakes and secretive streams

Experience "hush-hush" fishing on private land only available to people who know the right landowners (that's us) and their guests (that's you)

Access private lakes like Story,  Burn's, Merill, and Sitz

Fish challenging spring creeks  Depuy's, and Armstrong's

Make your fishing trip more exotic with adventure fishing

Travel to far-off locations to fish summer-like conditions in the dead of winter

Pump adventure into your next fishing vacation with a fun-filled globetrotting excursion that will take you beyond the water

Past destinations include fishing for tarpon, permit and bonefish throughout the Caribbean and freshwater Trout fishing in South America

Trips vary in length based on destination and participants' needs

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