Fly Fishing in Montana


Highlights for Each Season Listed Below


Spring (late March - May)

Low, clear waters with hungry trout gearing up for accelerating hatches

The best-kept secret of fishing in the Yellowstone area!

Other fishers few and far between, the season's first hatches and trout waking up from the long winter make for solid fishing conditions. If the weather is kind.

Spring fishing can mean snow on one day and sunny, 50-degree weather the next. You'll fish in both, so come prepared.

Best Rivers for Spring Fly Fishing Trips

Yellowstone River

Madison River

Missouri River (Especially after runoff starts in mid-May)

Spring Creeks (Especially after runoff starts in mid-May)

Trophy Lakes (Especially after runoff starts in mid-May)



Blue-Wing Olives (late March-early May)

March Brown mayflies (late April-early May)

Mother's Day Caddis (End of April, early May)


Summer (June through August)

Fisheries firing on all cylinders for a variety of fly fishing fun

Get your rod and pick your favorite style of fishing. You'll be able to find a good place for it in Southwest Montana.

The mountain weather is great, and so is the fishing. Be prepared for early-morning excursions and fun days on the water.

Best Rivers for Summer Fly Fishing Trips

Early Summer/Runoff (May/June):

Trophy Lakes

Missouri River

Spring Creeks

Mid-Late Summer (July - mid Sept):

Yellowstone River

Madison River

Yellowstone National Park destinations

The Boulder River and Stillwater River for a short seasonal window just after peak runoff


End of June to early July:

Salmon Fly

Giant Golden Stones

Little Yellowstones

Several Mayfly Species

Multiple Species of Caddis

July-August (primarily terrestrial):




Nocturnal Golden Stone


Fall (September through October)

Typically phenomenal weather and more streamer fishing opportunities

The "Indian Summers" in Yellowstone country may make you want to stay on the water more than any other time of year.

All while competing with far fewer anglers than peak summer.

Good hatches still make the water ripple, so you'll have plenty of trout to trick onto your line.

And if you're looking for a lunker, streamer fishing also picks up in the fall, meaning you might get that trophy brown.

Best Rivers for Fall Fly Fishing Trips

Yellowstone River

Yellowstone National Park destinations

Madison River (Mid-Spetember on)

Missouri River (Mid-September on)


Terrestrial hatches from summer persist until first bad weather of fall (Mid-September)

Mayflies: Blue-winged Olives, Fall drakes


New Snow March on the Yellowstone

Winter (November through Mid-March)

Exotic destinations call, but the local fishing holds up in spring creeks

In winter, the spring creeks remain consistent for challenging subsurface nymping and stalk fishing , but it's not for everyone.

The unpredictable cold and nasty weather of winter combined make it impossible for us to book your trip far in advance, and trips are extremely limited.

But if you're in the area, please give us a call at 406-333-4401 to check conditions and trip availability.

Alternatively, you can check our trips to tropical destinations or the southern hemisphere if you'd prefer somewhere with an umbrella in your drink.

Best Rivers for Winter Fly Fishing Trips

Armstrong Spring Creek

DePuy Spring Creek

Nelson's Spring Creek



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