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Fish Yellowstone National Park and the World-Renowned Spring Creeks, Rivers and Lakes of Southwest Montana

Yellowstone River

A blue-ribbon classic on the longest undammed river in the U.S.

Come to the "Yankee Stadium" of fly fishing with something for everyone on the only 700-mile stretch of undammed river in the lower U.S.

You'll float a classic riffle run broken up by pools, long glides, and productive banks where your casting efforts will be well-rewarded.

Cast in braided channels with your favorite style and gear, whether that's nymphs and streamers, dry-fly fishing, or something else — you'll probably do just fine.

Guides may park to let you wade and sight-fish a promising riffle or pool.

Best Time to Fish: Early March through October, minus runoff season in mid-May through June.

Fish to Catch: Some true trophy fish mixed in with 10" to 18" rainbows, browns, cutthroat, and mountain whitefish.

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Yellowstone National Park

Fly fish the world's first national park with big views and wildlife

An iconic fishing destination, fishing Yellowstone is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You'll be in stunning locations where you may see everything from wolves and grizzlies to bison and pronghorn.

Most Yellowstone fishing trips head to Yellowstone River within the park, Slough Creek, Lamar River, and Soda Butte Creek with some trips heading to lesser-known hotspots most fishers prefer to keep under the radar.

Choose from easy-access fishing near roads or up the adventure with a quick hike. The latter option will give you an isolated, stunningly beautiful fishing trip few will ever experience, even if the fish aren't always trophies.

Best Time to Fish: Post-runoff (usually early July) through September. Fishing season runs Memorial Day through first Saturday in November.

Fish to Catch: Mostly Yellowstone cutthroat trout sized 10" to 16" with some 20"-plus trophies available.

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Paradise Valley Spring Creeks

Intimate private-water wade and sight fishing on local ranches

Want to put your fly fishing skills to the test? Let's take you to the private, hard-to-book waters of DePuy Spring Creek, Nelson's Spring Creek, or Armstrong Spring Creek on the O'Hair Ranch.

These demanding spring creeks push you to the limit to match the current hatches, stalk fish, and get the perfect angle, drift, and line management.

The reward? Nice-sized trout in idyllic, uncrowded settings.

Even skilled anglers can walk away wiser and learn new techniques. Access fees apply.

Best Time to Fish: All year with most people fishing March through November or during the epic pale morning dun hatch in mid-June through July.

Fish to Catch: Rainbows, browns, and cutthroat trout ranging from 12" to 18" with some trophies.

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Trophy Lakes

Technically friendly lakes to learn to fly fish or hone your skills

These private lakes often offer an easier fishing experience than, say, the spring creeks. That makes it a great place for new anglers or young fishers to try their hand.

And since these lakes only allow four to six anglers a day, you'll hardly see a soul as the water laps at your drift boat.

The trout-rich waters will give you a chance to test your skill at a variety of fishing styles. This can be a good way to mix it up or slow it down during your fishing vacation.

Most likely, though, you'll be sight-fishing with dry droppers from the boat to fish that may intimidate you with their size on these technically friendly lakes. Access fees apply.

Best Time to Fish: Early in the season April/May through runoff into early/mid July and again mid-Sept through the fall. in April to early July and mid-September through October.

Fish to Catch: Rainbows, browns, cutthroats, and brookies with trophy fish as big as 6 pounds.

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Boulder River

Fast-paced fly fishing trip with a side of whitewater rafting

Accelerate your fishing vacation with fast-paced pocket water fishing on a smaller river ringed by the Absaroka Beartooth mountains.

With periodic class I-III whitewater plus fun fishing pools, riffles, and eddy lines, you'll find yourself casting while your guide dodges the namesake boulders of the Boulder River.

Excellent opportunities for dry fly or dry-dropper fishing is the general rule for fishing on the Boulder.

Best Time to Fish: A short seasonal window for float access; generally the first 2-3 weeks of July.

Fish You'll Catch: Primarily 12" to 18" inch rainbows and browns , some a bit bigger, with a good chances of Yellowstone Cutthroat also being in the mix.

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Stillwater River

Still water? More like whitewater on this fast-paced fishing float

Rapids and chutes punctuated by teeming pools make this raft-only river a fishing adventure paradise with a misleading name.

If you're not too busy sighting the perfect line in the pockets behind the passing boulders, you'll enjoy the fantastic views of the Absaroka-Beartooth Plateau.

The tight valley and steep gradients keep things interesting, and you'll struggle to cast into all the hot spots you're aiming to hit.

You may also break up the pace with a park and wade for some fun sight-fishing along riffly bends in the river or at fish-filled pools.

Best Time to Fish: April, May, July and August.

Fish to Catch: Predominantly rainbow trout and browns with some cutties. Sizes range from 10" to 15" with some fish pushing 18" or more.

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Madison River

The world-famous '50-mile riffle' originating in Yellowstone Park

This long, relatively straight river is a fun, choppy float that never seems to stop moving through a wide, mountain-ringed valley where the breeze keeps you cool even on hot summer days.

And where there's chop, boulders hide prime fishing holes.

This tailwater river and blue-ribbon fishery is filled with clear, cold water and a healthy trout population.

Expect a drift-boat paradise where the fishing is steady all year. Even during peak runoff, to some extent.

Best Time to Fish: Mid-March through November, with only a short runoff window where it's unfishable.

Fish to Catch: Predominantly 12" to 18" inch rainbow and brown trout with some mountain whitefish and truly trophy browns.

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Missouri River

5,000 - 6,000 fish per mile make this our 'home away from home'

Want your Montana trophy fish? This is probably where you'll land it.

The "MO" is a slow moving, bug and nutrient-rich river that acts like a giant spring creek. Boasting on of if not the biggest trout per mile populations in the state, there are a ton of 16-20 inch trout.

But they will test your mettle as they are not pushovers and expect to find yourself pushing your fly fishing abilities as you work to match the hatch, make accurate casts and have your act together.

Best Time to Fish: April through late June or mid-September to Early November. Our home away from home during peak runoff in Paradise Valley in May and/or June.

Fish to Catch: Mostly 16" to 20" inch rainbows and browns.

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