Fall on the Spring Creek

We have seen some tough fishing the last few days with the unseasonably warm and sunny weather. Things should get back in shape pretty soon as we look forward to cooler, wetter weather early next week. Angler’s have still had success on midge larva, pupa, and adult patterns. Baetis nymphs will also be a good choice out there. 6x or 7x with at least a 12 foot leader is a must to get fish to feed. Sneaking up on them and presenting your fly(s) downstream will give you the best odds at hooking fish. An excellent time to be on the creeks!

Flies to use:
Skinny Nelson 18, 20
Sidewinder Midge Pupa Olive 20-22
Tailwater Tiny Olive 18-20
Zebra Midges Red, Black 18-20
Griffith’s Gnat 20-22

Copper Sawyer Nymph PT, Blond 18-22
Sparkle Dun BWO 20
Smoke Jumper Baetis 18-20
Parachute Adams 18-20
Cripple Thor BWO 18-22
Split Case Nymph Baetis 20-22

Drop us a line if you have any questions! 406-333-4401

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