Fall Weather!

The Yellowstone River from the Point of Rock FAS to the Highway 89 Bridge FAS is still currently closed. Above Point of Rocks FAS and below Highway 89 Bridge FAS the river is open to all recreational activity. The Paradise Valley Spring Creeks and all of the Yellowstone Tributaries except for the Shields river are open as well! Fishing on the Yellowstone above Yankee Jim Canyon has been decent. Some dry fly action on small parachute attractors and even some terrestrials still. This cold weather will probably slow the terrestrial fishing unless it warms up again. Subsuface, go with a Pat’s rubberlegs in olive, black, or brown with a lightning bug or one of Delekta’s Big Spankers dropper. With these cloudy cold days we should start to see some Baetis so keep your eyes out for them. It’s also a good time to start swinging soft hackles and streamers in the runs and deep pools.

The small tributaries don’t have a ton of water in them this time of year but if you find some deeper pockets you should be able to get fish on a variety of attractor dries, pmx, parachute adams, and purple haze.

The main fair on the Spring Creeks has been midges until we see more consistent BWO hatches. The weather is supposed to warm up this weekend so have some ants and beetles in the box as well. Zebra’s, Copper Saywers, and PT’s in 18, 20, and 22 will be great patterns to have. Sparkle duns in PMD and Baeits colors in size 18 and 20 in case you see the blue wings or even some sporatic PMD or Sulfur activity.

Yellowstone National Park has been the best choice for most angler’s as of late. The Lamar river especially has been fishing very well in the afternoons. Hecubas (fall drake) has been the bug to imitate in the northeast corner. A big fall drake sparkle dun or the Gray Drake Cripple have been good patterns. Bring some terrestrials, parachute attractors and Sparkle Duns for your BWO’s in 18 and 20. Size 18 and 20 PT nymphs and soft hackle PT’s The Madison River is pretty much closed off to fishing from the boundary to the seven mile bridge due to fire activity. We may see some openings soon due to favorable weather. The Firehole and gibbon should start to fish with the longer nights and cooler temperatures. Start swinging soft hackles and watch for BWO’s and White Miller Caddis.

That’s the update. Drop us a line if you have questions. 406-333-4401 Now get fishing!

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