Huh, So This is What it Looks Like When the Sun Comes Out

Oh what a day! The clouds finally rolled back and look what’s there….. With this kind of a sunny day and warming up a bit, there’s a chance that we might be seeing some caddis in the next week. Reports have been coming in that east of Livingston has shown a few caddis here and there. March Browns are coming strong now too even on days like this. Big parachute Adams, Purple Haze and the like are getting eaten. Soft hackle PTs, Copper Bob Softy’s, Hare’s Ears, and Dirty Birds are great searching nymph patterns is you must. Coffee Sparkle Minnow, White zonkers, Smoke & Mirrors are rumored to be streamers seeing action.

There’s a lot of snow in the mountains! Guess where it’s all coming to when things really warm up around here…. Runoff is going to be big this year. No complaints.

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