Labor Day Looming

The end of summer? Think not. Labor Day week may signify that all the kid’s are back in school. And August is one for the books. But its not the end of summer…. It’ll be a few weeks for that yet! We’re continuing to see some fun fishing in the area. One of our favorite places is inside Yellowstone Park. As summertime crowds are diminished and the serious “Fall Angler” hatch hasn’t quite started, fishing in the Park right now can be a super fun option. Walk fishing in the NE Corner can be rewarding. We’re seeing good fishing on the Lamar and Soda Butte. Slough Creek down low has been very low and fish are super concentrated in a few key spots and frankly- it’s been tough. But Soda Butte Crk and the Lamar (I personally like the area above the junction) are continuing to be bright spots in NE Park fishing. We’re also getting good reports from the Yellowstone River in the area from Buffalo Ford upstream to Le Hardy rapids. The Stone has finally dropped into a much more approachable level as compared to earlier in the month when it was still quite high and difficult to wade effectively. Terrestrial “hatches” are still very much the go-to fly patterns. Now’s the time when that mongo hopper may just very well be the bug of choice as the hoppers in the Park have grown with the hot dry weather and fish are looking for a full meal. Crickets, Ants, and Beetles are hugely important as well. Having a sizable selection of the patterns is often a good call. Dont’ rely on just the old standby- have choices and you will make opportunities

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