Late July Fishing Report

As we move through the end of July and into August we again are looking at some pretty skinny water along with rising water temps. Water in Livingston has hit 70 degrees two out of the last 3 days. It has stayed a few degrees cooler in the upper valley and above Yankee Jim Canyon. The weather forecast is calling for mid to high 80’s this week with chances of thunderstorms. Tough to say what will happen but hopefully some rain will drop and lower the water temps. All in all fishing has been decent. Terrestrials are the go to for most. Ants, hoppers, beetles along with stonefly, caddis, and mayfly nymph’s off the back. Chubby Chernobyl’s in black/tan, purple, gold, and tan have all seen action. If you get out early on the lower river try skating a large golden stone dry to imitate that nocturnal stone adult. For the nymph fisherman, it’s tough to beat dead drifting a small scuplin pattern with a little lightning bug behind it. Very small streamers swung through the riffle corners imitating fry an other small minnows can be effective this time of year as well. Use a pattern with peacock herl or some flash in it.

Recommended Patterns:

Chubby Chernobyl’s: Sizes 8-12. Colors: Gold, Tan, Black/Tan, Purple, Red
White Cloud Hopper: Sizes 8-14. Colors: Tan, Peach
Morrish Hopper: Sizes: 6-14. Colors: Tan, Gold, Pink
Bloom’s Para Ant: Sizes: 14-18 Colors: Black, Rusty
Point Guard Beetle: Sizes 12-16. Colors: Black
Galloup’s Ant-Acid: Sizes: 12-16. Colors: Black/Red
Dornan’s Water Walker: Sizes: 6. Colors: Goldenstone
Pat’s Rubberlegs: Sizes 6-12. Colors: Black, Brown, Coffee, Tan/Brown, Orange/Brown, Peacock
Zirdle Bugs: Sizes: 6-10. Colors: Olive, Tan
Sculpzilla: Sizes: 6,8. Colors: Natural, Black, White
Coffee’s Sparkle Minnow: Sizes: 6,8. Colors: White, Lt. Olive, Sculpin, JJ, Smoke
Soft Hackel PT Nymph: Sizes 12-18
Soft Hackle Hares Ear Nymph: Sizes 12-18
Delekta’s Lil and Big Spankers: Sizes 14-18. Colors: PT, Olive, Silver, Purple
BH Copper Bob Softy: Sizes: 12-16. Colors: Olive, Red

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