Montana Stillwater Fishing Report, June 3rd, 2020

Private Lakes:

We are grateful for our clients to take fishing this past week! Although the Yellowstone River is no where near fishable, we are appreciative for the lakes in our area. Things are starting to warm up and really get the fish and bugs active. We are still waiting for the callibaetis fishing to really pickup, but there are still windows of good dry fly fishing. Be sure to watch how the fish are eating as the emerger bite has been great when they are on them. Shallow eats just under the surface are what you’re looking for! Damsels still need things to keep getting warmer, although they should get going here soon. Slow stripping nymphs to cruising fish should produce some good results. Doing the same with #14 Yankee Buzzers and Buzzers in black or olive are working. Fishing callibaetis nymphs, chironomids or leaches below a bobber can be productive if you know where the fish are cruising. Definitely switch up your depths to find out exactly where those fish are in the water column.

Hebgen Lake:

Rick was able to get over to Hebgen this weekend and really got into fish on chironomids. When he found fish, they ate a #14 olive Yankee Buzzers a few feet below the surface aggressively! Fishing with a RIO MidgeTip or Hover line in a 1.5ips is great for slow stripping bugs subsurface. We have plenty available here in the shop and would be happy to get you what you need if you’re looking for one. There was a solid midge hatch while Rick was out on the lake but it seemed that the fish were more focused on what was happening below the surface. If you don’t have a specialty line, try greasing a 9+ft leader with gink or mucilin to about 6 inches in front of your flies keep it afloat and let your flies sink just below the surface. Be sure to watch your leader for movement in order to set the hook! If you have any other specific questions about Hebgen, give us a call at the shop.

Quake Lake: Dirty water coming from Beaver and Cabin Creek are muddying up the lake, we’d suggest looking elsewhere.

Ennis Lake: Dirty dirty, go elsewhere until the Madison River clears.

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