Paradise Valley River Update

Paradise Valley River Update 6.22.19

River Updates June 22nd, 2019

Yellowstone River: 10,600cfs at Corwin Springs; 12,600 near Livingston, MT

With the solid drop in temps this week, the Yellowstone River has also dropped a good amount of volume. We saw around a 4000cfs drop at Corwin Springs putting the river at 10,600cfs today. With the drop in flows we also saw a good drop in water temps as well. Over the cold spell, the river has dropped right around 8 degrees bringing it back down to just over 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Expect the river to bump back up again as the summer temps return rolling into July. Things are beginning to shape up well for the Yellowstone and we are anticipating a good season on the river. Please keep in mind, that floating the river at high flows can be very dangerous. We all are anxious to get on the river, but should also exercise our best judgement when it comes to running the river at high flows. Please be careful out there!

Yellowstone National Park: Firehole River, 113cfs near Old Faithful; Madison River, 642cfs near West Yellowstone, MT; Gibbon River, 196cfs at Madison Junction; Yellowstone River, 4750cfs at Yellowstone Lake Outlet; Soda Butte, 258cfs at Silver Gate; Lamar River, 3400cfs near Tower Station; Gardiner River, 499cfs at Mammoth Hot Springs

Things in Yellowstone National Park are beginning to shape up for the 2019 season. Currently the best fishing in the park will be at either the Firehole or Madison Rivers. Both are running clear and their temps are stable for now. Get out and fish them before the thermals and summer temps push the fish out! There should be some promising dry fly fishing on the Firehole with the drop in temps. Be sure to have your caddis patterns, X-Caddis, Bloom’s Caddis, and Elk hairs should do the trick, as there are a few species of Caddis out including the White Miller Caddis. Swinging soft hackle and emerger patterns can be effective as well. PMDs should be coming out as well throughout the day so make sure to have you Sparkle Duns and other PMD patterns in your box as well! Nymph rigs with rubber legs and other attractor nymphs should move some fish on the Madison but also be on the look for bug activity similar to the Firehole. Per usual this time of year, both rivers are loaded with anglers. If you are looking to escape the crowds you may want to look elsewhere. Get there early and be sure to wear your elbow pads! The Gibbon River is beginning to fish as well. Although the river is not clear, there are still some fish that are looking for bugs. You should be able to use attractor dries and similar bugs to the Firehole. Simulators, Chubby Chernobyls, Humpys are worth a shot on top and Prince Nymphs, Pheasant Tails, and Lightning Bugs should work as well. Most of the other rivers and creeks in the park are still running high and dirty. It should be another week or two before they are back into prime shape and ready to be fished. Keep an eye out for an update from us!

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