River is Clean

Despite the Booming thunderstorm that hit the upper valley area yesterday, the Yellowstone remains in plenty fishable shape today. Had report from Gardiner first thing this morning- before I even had morning coffee- that things looked A-OK up top. No mud in sight. Upon getting to the shop, I took a drive up the valley myself to take a peek. Crossing the Emigrant bridge after getting said cup o’ Joe from the Bakery behind our shop (I was tempted with one helluva Cinnamon roll but declined), first look was that there is a touch of green to the river. On the rocks at the boat ramp(see pic 1), that was confirmed. But it’s nothing really to speak of. Just not the clear that the river has been. In fact, the color I saw made me think it was about perfect! On up the East River road, 6-mile creek that has been such a bad giver of dirt was fine. A tinge of color to it’s waters but otherwise good to go. All clear here in the Upper Valley! Pic 2 is not far from Point of Rocks.

Is this going to stay? Mmmmm. Very good question because anyone can see that the Lamar has made a good jump. Guess- the answer may be not. We’ll soon find out. And keep you posted.

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