Terrestrial Time!

That’s right, terrestrial time! Here in the Yellowstone Valley and up into Yellowstone National Park the terrestrials have been the flies to fish. Small hoppers, ants, and beetles will do the trick on most rivers and streams where you see these bugs present. The tan hoppers sizes 10-14 have been working best on the Yellowstone River. The Spruce Moth is another terrestrial sometimes overlooked that can get fish to rise this time of year. The trick is finding where the fish are. We haven’t been fishing the banks at all. Most fish have been taken in deeper or faster moving water. Sometimes this means fishing the middle of the river but that’s where you’ll find them. Improve your odds by giving your bug some action with little twitches while it sits in the water. Green Drakes, and Epeorus are still around with cloudy weather. Water temp is around 67 degrees in Livingston. The weatherman is calling for scattered storms with temps is the high 70s for the week. Looks like it could be a good week for fishing!

Bugs to have:

Morrish Hopper – Tan, Black sz 10-14
Grand Hopper – Tan sz 10-14
Elk Hair Caddis – Light Tan or Cream sz 12-14
Bloom’s Parachute Ant – Red, Black sz 14-18

Purple Haze sz 10-18
Parachute Adams sz 12-16
PT nymph sz 12-16
Prince nymph sz 12-16
Copper John – Red, Green sz 12-16
PMX, Yellow, Peacock sz 10-16
Bubba’s Ant, Black, Red, sz 12
Chubby Chernobyl, Golden, Pink, Tan sz 10, 12

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