Yellowstone Fishing Coming on Strong

Yes, it’s been a bit busy around here. If you haven’t heard, the annual Salmonfly hatch is kicking off on several locations in SW Montana. The Yellowstone River being one of them. As such, the place is hopping. We’re a bit ahead of schedule, but that hasn’t kept folks from getting out there by any means. The river is in great condition having gone from unfishable brown and high to perfect shape in very quick order. We’re guessing that a lot of folks may be thinking the river isn’t quite ready yet. Or that the salmonflies would hold back. Not the case. We get folks asking to tell them when the “Hatch is On” for the Yellowstone. This is your call- better get here. Hunter Greene showing us how it’s done right with guide Jeremy Brown. One of several really nice browns caught and released here in the valley!

Going subsurface? Try: Pat’s Rubberlegs in multitude of colors and sizes- Black sz 4-10, Brown sz 6-12, Peacock sz 6-10; Tungsten 20-incher sz 8-12; Brett’s Goldenstone sz 8-12; Marabou Rubberlegs Camo sz 6-8; Mercer’s Poxyback Stone sz 10-12; King Prince sz 12-16; Iron Sally sz 12-16; Morrish Super Pupa olive and amber sz 12-16; Bh FB PT sz 12-16; Mercer’s Psycho Prince in orange or dirty pink sz 12-16; Kyle’s Yellow Sally BH sz 12-14; Bloom’s Tung Dart sz 14-16; BH Copper Softy Olive sz 14-16; Translucent Pupa in Olive or Brown sz 12-16; Delekta’s Hammerhead Hare’s Ear, Holo Green sz 14; Lil Spanker PT sz 12-16; Big Spanker TB purple, PT sz 14.

How about on top? Try: Dornan’s Water Walker (WW) salmonfly sz 6, WW goldenstone sz 10-12, Everthything Stone peacock sz 8; Schlotter’s Rogue Foam Stone sz 4-6; S. Fork Secret Salmonfly sz 6; Arnold’s Improved Unabomber sz 6; Will’s Circus Peanut sz 8-12; Turck’s Tarantula in HE, Orange, Red sz 8-10; Swisher’s PMX peacock sz 8-14; Chubby’s -why ask? Isn’t that what everyone uses….; CFO Hummer Yellow Sally sz 14; Gabetta’s Jimmy Z lime sz 12; Hippie Stomper royal sz 12-16; JC Special olive or PT sz 12-16; Trudes- Adams, Royal, Lime sz 12-16; Goddard Caddis sz 12-16; Bloom’s Parachute Caddis dark olive sz 12-16

Looking for that tug on a streamer? Try: RL Crystal Buggers black sz 8; LE Wooly Bugger Black or Olive sz 8; Coffee’s Sparkle Minnow smoke, olive, or sculpin colors All Sizes; El Sculpito, AW Bugger, Rusty’s Horn; Goldfinger; Urchin Bugger in black or olive; Sculpzilla; Danny Boy Sculpin; Articulated Fathead in black or olive; Barr’s Slumpbuster; Bow River Bugger Olive.

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