Yellowstone Fishing Report for early October

Max Yzaguirre Sr showing us how to get things done in early October! Finally a bit of a break from the wet and cold dreariness is taking place. Low pressure, rain and snow are being replaced with high pressure, sun, and relative warmth once again. And it’s a welcome change! I can’t recall having that much cold, wet weather in September in a really long time…. I’m sure snotty weather will creep back in, but for now, feels good to have the sun back. Even if it does make for tougher fishing. So, yeah, the sun— we like it, fishy’s not so much. Last day or so has been quite a bit tougher catching than the last couple weeks for sure. Trout will adjust however, and they have to eat at some point. Stick-to-it-ness is going to be helpful. Doesn’t matter much what technique you want to use. You’ll eventually find that true. Mornings it’s going to be nymphing or streamer game. Afternoons should find a few trout on the rise and dry fly thing will be decent. Early evening might actually show the best activity as the harshness of afternoon sun mellows out, but the window is going to be short lived.

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