Yellowstone River Fishing Report August 31, 2019

We apologize that we have not been up to date on our fishing reports of late! To be fair, the fishing really hasn’t changed much. Terrestrials are still out in high numbers. We are beginning to see fall like temperatures at night and in the morning which has slowed the activity to the second half of the day. Wait until you really hear that clicking and buzzing on the banks before you confidently throw those big bugs around. As the hoppers die down, the beetle and ant fishing should really pick up in the coming weeks. Trailing either behind a hopper can certainly move some trout! Although supplies are limited Morrish Hoppers, Thunder Thighs, Chernobyl Hoppers, and Sweetgrass Hoppers are still fishing really well.


Nocturnal Stonefly shucks continue to show on the banks and fish seem to be looking up for them. #10 gold and pteronarcys Chubby Chernobyl’s and Micro Gold Members are working well. The Stonefly bite seems to be best during the morning hours and then again into the evening. Pat’s Rubber Legs and TJ Hookers are a great imitation if you’re trying to imitate any of the stonefly nymphs moving about.

Spruce moths are also fluttering about. Jack Cabe’s, Stimulators, Wullf’s and Potter’s Fat Head Moth are all good imitation to try. They work well when trailed behind something larger or just fished on their own. Definitely seem to be more prevalent in the upper sections of the Yellowstone River.

As usual, feel free to reach out to us regarding water quality and float information. Please be sure to take care of the river you are out celebrating this holiday weekend. There is lots of traffic on the river so lets respect other boaters, pack out what we pack in and have a fun time out there!

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