Yellowstone River Fishing Report for March 30th

Looking at our river this morning, the recent few warmer days have had an effect. Low elevation snow in and around the area including up to the lower Lamar basin have been running into the river. While we’re not seeing a big mud situation, the Stone certainly has color. It’s an earthy olive tint. Visability is about 16-18″ when looking at the rocks out off the bank. Certainly seen worse, but from what we have had, would be nice to go back to that. While the color hangs around- we need a couple nights in a row of below freezing and we should get back to much improved viz, those of you out plying your wares should keep in mind that the water temps have dropped back some and fish are definitely feeling that chill. Deeper water, off speed water, and not chasing moving targets is a key. On the plus side, we did hear that there were growing numbers of Baetis or Blue Winged Olives especially down more toward Livingston in the spring creek influenced zone. Maybe once things clean up again (which surely they will, won’t they?), we could have a good run with Baetis, midges, and fairly soon- big March Browns. Fun fishing coming our way…..

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