Yellowstone River Fishing Report- Mid Winter February 26, 2022

It’s been quite some time since we last posted anything for a fishing report. Apologies! It’s been a heck of a year…. There’s not a whole lot that is going on as far as reliable fishing these past handful of weeks. The entire river is frozen bank to bank in much of the valley. Especially above Pine Creek and lasting up to Mill Creek. Above Mill Creek there is a small open water channel in the faster areas but extensive shelf ice extends considerably on each side. Below the mouth of Depuy’s, there is a bit more open water but it is only a short area that is open. The Stone is certainly not a place to be headed for a winter float!! Other areas would certainly be a better choice. The Paradise Valley spring creeks do have fishable waters and on some days, can be an enjoyable outing. Stoke the woodstove in one of the Angler’s huts on Depuy’s before stepping in to fish, and once fingers & toes can’t stand it anymore, retreat to the hut’s warmth to rejuvinate yourself.

Spring Creek Flies to consider: Zebra midge black or olive sz 18-20, Yz’s Single Scoop Midge sz 18-20, Brassie sz 18-22, KF Midge pupa olive sz 20-22, Wollum’s Spring Creek Midge pupa black, olive, wine size 18-20, Sawyer Copper PT sz 18-20

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