Yellowstone River Fishing Report October 3rd, 2020

Yellowstone River Fishing Report, October 3rd, 2020

Apologies for the for the delay on the fishing reports! Its been a little while since we put one up and the fishing has definitely changed. It is definitely starting to feel like fall here as we are seeing temperatures well into the 30s during the early hours of the day. Although the hoppers are still out, they are dwindling by the day. It is time to start focusing more on aquatic insects and less on terrestrials.

Baetis(BWOs) and hecubas(fall drakes) are going to be the most prominent bugs you see while you are out there. Likely going to be hatching in the later hours of the day. That does not mean they wont be out sparingly throughout the day. Overcast days will certainly improve hatches, or you can focus on the later hours of the day with lower light. When bugs aren’t out, you’ll need to rely more on fishing subsurface. Imitating baetis nymphs will be best using smaller patterns. #18-20 copper johns, pheasant tails, military mayflies and micro mayflies are all great patterns. To imitate the drake nymphs we’d recommend a #12-14 prince nymph, pheasant tail or Wollum’s drake nymph.

The buzz is all about streamers this time of year. I would love to tell you that the fish are on them, but frankly, they aren’t yet. If you’re looking to throw the big stuff its going to be a little bit. Need the pressure to drop and it really to start feeling like fall. You’ll be better off fishing the smaller stuff.

As always, come on by the shop or give us a call for an up to date report. Ill do my best to get more up as the season winds down!

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