Yellowstone River Report September 14th, 2019

Yellowstone River Fishing Report September 14th, 2019



The Lamar River has settled back down and the mud should be out of the system. Although we never experienced a true mud plug, the river certainly colored up throughout the week. The river should stay clear through the weekend, but as always, be sure to watch the flows in the park in case there is a storm that passes through. We will update you all if anything happens in the next few days.

As we mentioned last week, the hoppers have gone to bed. There may be a few lingering around, but most have gone dormant and we will see them again next summer! it is time to put the big bug boxes in storage and return to fishing aquatic insects. That being said, there still can be some opportunity for terrestrial action. We have been seeing flying ants in good numbers on the water and fish seem to be really keying in on them when they are out. Stenerson’s CFO Ant(Red and Black), Ant Acid, and Harrop’s CDC Flying Ant have been moving fish effectively.


In regards to aquatic insects, we have been seeing a few different bugs out and about. There are still Nocturnal Stoneflies which fish are eating on top in the morning hours. Try a Chubby Chernobyl, Stonefly nymphs can certainly be fished throughout the day. Hecubas are also out throughout the day. Look for larger mayflies with a brown body and gray wings. Effective patterns have been #14 Parachute Adams, #12-14 Klinkhammer, and #14 Purple or Olive Haze Cripples. Subsurface you can fish #14 Pheasant Tails, #14 Prince Nymph, and #16-14 Copper John or Bob. Baetis are also beginning to show themselves on the more overcast and calm days. BWO Sparkle Dun, #16-18 BWO Parawulf, and #18 Sparkle Spinners will all be effective on top. Smaller nymph patterns (#16-18) mentioned earlier will work fine for Baetis nymphs. Although early, there may be some October Caddis in the are as well. You can certainly use an October Caddis Pupa pattern or other larger pupa will be effective. Skittering/skating a Stimulator or Jack Cabe can also be effective as a dry fly tactic.

As always, we will continue to update everyone on river conditions and the current fishing. Feel free to give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have.

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