Yellowstone River Update April 17th, 2019

Over cast days have been an anglers dream that last few days as consistent temps have brought on some great Baetis hatches. Look for windless days with lots of cloud cover to drive the hatch and have the fish looking up! We were able to get on the river yesterday and look at the bug activity which was great. There were plenty of BWOs on the surface as well as the occasional March Brown Drake. After doing some seining, we found plenty of Baetis nymphs, Caddis larvae, Midge larvae, and the a couple of Green Drake nymphs. Finding pods of rising trout and swinging Baetis soft hackles or drifting dries through them led to some super fun action. The river has had consistent flows around 1400cfs at Corwin Springs and just over 2000cfs in Livingston. Water temps have remained in the 42-45 degrees range.

Recommended patterns: Black/olive/brown Woolly Bugger(#4-6), Pat’s Rubber Legs(#4-8), Prince nymph(#14-16), Mercer’s Micro May, olive(#16-18), Parachute Adams(#18-20), Barr’s Vis-a-Dun BWO(#18-20), Cannon’s Bunny Dun(#18), Harrop’s CDC Biot Dun BWO(#18-20), and Transitional Dun(#20).

Rising temperatures are in the horizon and we are expecting the river to rise and the get a little dirty. Get out and fish the river while you can, as it has made for some spectacular days! We are open Monday – Saturday 8:30am-5:00pm and are happy help point you in the right direction.

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