Forest Service to Extend Emigrant Mine Proposal Comment Period

Due to an outbreak of public comments received last week (!!), Custer-Gallatin National Forest Representatives have decided to extend the period with which comments would be taken on the Proposed Lucky Mineral’s exploratory mining venture on the side of iconic Paradise Valley’s Emigrant Peak. (Click through picture for full Article)

This is good news for those who are wishing to see a bit more Federal regulatory guidelines for what Lucky Minerals is proposing! Now if the MT DEQ would do the same, it could signal that both the State (DEQ) and the Feds (Forest Service) may take this seriously and not allow Lucky Minerals wish to be granted an exclusion from NEPA (Federal) and MT State’s Environmental Standards. The Forest Service will now allow commenting until August 20th. If you haven’t already sent in your comments, please do so now! Emigrant Peak is NOT the place for a large scale gold, silver, or molybdenum mining operation. Lucky Minerals is just the footman in this projected operation and not the actual mining operation. They want to “strike it rich” by finding gold at the end of the rainbow and selling out to the highest bidder. Let’s not see that they even have a foothold to stand upon in Yellowstone National Park’s backyard. Both the Greater Yellowstone Coalition as well as the Park County Environmental Council have good reads on the projected development and how it could have a less than cheerful impact upon Paradise Valley. Read these articles “Proposed Emigrant Mine Exploration”, “Mine Exploration At Yellowstone’s ‘Northern Backdoor’ Worries Conservationists “, and please consider sending your comments to: Mr. Peter Werner, Project Lead, Custer Gallatin National Forest Supervisors Office. His email is :Forest Service- [email protected]. Montana Department of Environmental Quality’s office, while not accepting comments, perhaps continuing to CC these folks isn’t a bad thing? Use [email protected]. If you don’t want to write your own comments, but instead don’t mind filling out a pre-filled and addressed comment form- Go HERE

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