RE-Opened Sections of the Yellowstone River!

A quick update on the Yellowstone River. Straight from the FWP website:

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reopened the upper stretch of the Yellowstone River and its tributaries to fishing Tuesday – from the border of Yellowstone National Park to the Carbella Fishing Access Site. Recent surveys show this stretch has not experienced additional fish mortality since the department moved to open it to non-angling activities last week.
The section of the Yellowstone from Carbella Fishing Access Site downstream to Highway 89 Bridge Fishing Access Site remains closed to all use. FWP continues to see some dying fish in portions of this reach.
FWP will continue to monitor Yellowstone River conditions, and take into account fish mortality and test results when making decisions as to any changes in closure status.

So we have the Yellowstone River from the National Park Boundary and its tributaries to the Carbella Fishing Access Site open. The main stem of the Yellowstone River is still closed to ALL ACTIVITY from the Carbella Fishing Access site to the Highway 89 Fishing Access site east of Livingston. Tributaries and the Spring Creeks in this section are open to Fishing. Fishing and all recreation is open from the Highway 89 Bridge Fishing Access site and down.

Good news. Let us know if you have any questions!

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