Catch more trout (also enjoy the awesome fall scenery)!

If the native Mountain White Fish have taken a liking to you this fall first, take a deep breath. This is their spawning time and they are very active and will eat everything. Second, take the bobber off. Any bead-head nymph dead drifted is going to get absolutely crushed by white fish this time of year. Instead try something with a little more action. For us, small streamers in olive, white, or black have been getting good attention from the trout. Again “small” is the key word here.

On the more traditional side of things we have had really good luck on wet flies swinging and drifting in the current. Using one of Delekta’s Spanker patterns in PT, Silver, or Purple paired with a Carey Special has been my go to. Most people try this method and give up after a few casts. Have some confidence. Cast up and across the current or run. Give a good mend right away, let these flies dead drift and sink a bit before the current starts to swing them across. Give the files some action as they swing through the current with little jigs. Let the flies “hang” at the end of your drift and again give them some action while hanging directly below you.

We have also heard of some good dry fly action in the upper valley and above Yankee Jim Canyon. Purple haze with a sz 18 PT nymph or sz 18 black zebra midge is a great searching set up.

Look for fishing to get better tomorrow and early next week with the weather supposedly taking a turn. Clouds, cold, and rain is predicted. Might make for some really good fishing. BWO’s with the clouds and streamers should be the flies to have.

Let us know if you have any questions. Now get fishing! 406-333-4401

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