Fishing this weekend? Here is what you need to know.

If you thinking about heading out this weekend for some fall fishing here is what you need to know.

The weather is looking to be a bit warmer than usual starting Friday and into Saturday. Bright sun and hot temps will put fish down and the bugs will be less active. You may see some terrestrials out but for the most part these are done. Sunday’s weather is looking a little more fishy with temps in the 60’s and possible showers. If you had to pick one day this would most likely be it. On the Yellowstone River BWO’s have been hatching around 1 or 2 pm with clouds. They will be scattered and inconstant if it is bright and sunny. If you see rising fish, anchor up or stop, build yourself a 10 – 12 ft leader with 5x. Downstream presentation’s with emerger or cripple type patters in 18-22’s. Blind casting before or after the hatch with a purple haze or parachute Adams has caught some fish especially if you drop a little PT nymph, baetis nymph, or zebra midge off the back of it. Streamer fishing has been slow in the sun and better in the clouds. Swinging a variety of wet flies has also been catching fish in the runs and riffles.

If you are heading into Yellowstone National Park focus on the western region. The Madison, Firehole, and Gibbon have all been fishing well. Swinging a natural or olive Zonker with a wet fly trailer is one of the most exciting ways to fish these rivers this time of year. Be on the lookout for BWO’s and Caddis as these will be coming off too. The water in the North East Region is low. Can be fished but it is getting technical up there. Midges and Blue Wings is what I would bring. If it gets warm enough throw the small ant or beetle.

Good luck out there this weekend. Give us a call for the latest and greatest or if you have any questions! 406-333-4401

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