Cooler Weather…

Burrrr…. Summer gone? Not a chance but the cooler temps this last week sure made us bundle up. The weather definitely has put a slow down to the hopper and terrestrial action in the morning. Once things heat up those bugs get going and will get some action. The Yellowstone River has been fishing pretty well. The hopper/nymph dropper rig is the go to for most. The white fish bite has been on so you may stay away from the bead head nymphs if you are looking for trout. We seem to be finding trout in deeper water and with the cooler temps they should start heading to some softer riffle water along with the pockets. As we head further into August the weatherman is calling for temps in the high 70’s to low 80’s. Water temp in Livingston is 55 degrees this morning. Perfect trout temps. The fishing should get better at we see more consistent weather. Trout do not like drastic changes in temperatures. If you get some cloudy weather looks for Drakes. You may only see a few but throw them and you will get some opportunistic eats. Other than that, attractor dries like your PMX, Parachute Purple Haze and Adams, and Stimulators will work. Don’t forget your terrestrials, Hopper’s, Ant’s, Beetles. We should start to see some more aquatic bugs like Caddis and Baetis later on once things cool off for good. Not a bad idea to through the nymph stages of those bugs right now either.

Fishing on the Spring Creeks has been pretty good. Action has been Midges in the morning, small western Sulfer’s mid-morning to afternoon, and then small terrestrials once things heat up. Black and Red zebra’s along with the Sidewinder Midge should cover your two wing flies. A very small parachute PMD or Cripple pattern can be effective for the Sulfers along with small PT nymphs underneath. Terrestrials, stick with small stuff. Schroeder’s Para hopper or the Parachute Kicking hopper in 14’s. Bloom’s Para Ant sz 18, red and black, Fat Head Beetle sz 16, and Harrop’s CDC Flying Ant sz 18 and 20 red or black. Long leaders (start at 12ft), 6X tippet is a must.

The Cooler temps has also had an impact on the rivers in Yellowstone National Park. Water temps in the Lamar are at 48 degrees this morning. May have to let it warm a bit to get the fish eating on top. Drakes and Terrestrials are the bugs to have along with small streamers. The further you get away from the crowds the better fishing will be. I would stay out of the Soda Butte area since they are starting their electro-fishing today. There should be signage at the river along access points with information on the project. Also check out our blog post from last week for more project details.

Give us a shout here at the shop if you have any questions. Now get out there and fish! 406-333-4401

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