Terrestrial’s, Nocturnal Stone’s, Trico’s and Drake’s

We were greeted at the shop this morning by a small cluster of Trico’s, (see the three tails)? Just one of the options for you out on the river right now. The Yellowstone River has been fishing pretty well this last week. Very good dry fly action on the Nocturnal Stone imitations east of Livingston has been reported. More farmers have cut hay again and terrestrials have been moving to the banks. Mid valley the terrestrial bite has been good. Wouldn’t say it’s amazing but some good fish have been caught on the hopper fly. Beetles and Ants will still get fish looking as well! In overcast skies look for Drakes. You may not see a whole lot around but fish will still eat them. We should start seeing some Hecuba’s on the lower river. You will also see some sporadic Caddis hatches. Water is getting lower and clear. You might try moving to a longer leader and smaller tippet to get those fish to eat! Water temps are holding pretty steady in the 58-63 degree range in Livingston. Still great water temps.

Chubby Chernobyl’s Tan, Black, Purple, Pink, Olive, Gold sz 10-14
Morrish Hopper Tan, Pink, Gold sz 6-14
White Cloud Hopper Tan, Peach, Olive sz 10-14
Grand Hopper Tan sz 8-14
Bloom’s Para Ant Rust, Black sz 14-18
Fat Head Beetle sz 12-16
CDC Parachute Green Drake sz 10, 12
Parachute Purple, Olive, Copper Haze sz 10-18
Chernobyl Bug Tan sz 8
Dornan’s Water Walker Golden Stone sz 6-10
Dornan’s Circus Peanut sz 6-10

Improved Unabomber sz 6, 8
Harrop’s CDC Parachute Trico Spinner sz 20
Two Wing Trico Spinner sz 20

Fishing in the Park has been pretty good in the Lamar and Slough area. Soda Butte has the aquatics work taking place today and for the next four or five days. Not sure when this will be back. Lamar and Slough have been fishing well on terrestrial patterns and Drakes. Look for the Hecuba’s up here too. These fish have seen a lot of flies so take the time and try throwing something a bit different. Crickets, Ants, or a unique hopper pattern can really do well. You may have to wait a little in the morning when it’s cool. Fish your Drake emerger/cripple patterns early and in cloudy weather. Once the fish turn on to terrestrials, they turn ON. Look for the undercut and grassy banks.

Same as above

Spring Creeks have been fishing fairly well. We are in between the main aquatic hatches. Fishing has mainly been midges and terrestrials. Too early for Baetis yet. The creeks can be a lot of fun sight fishing with nymphs or small terrestrials. Long leaders and light tippet.

Copper Sawyer nymph Blond, sz 18-22
Sidewinder Midge Pupa sz 20-22
Zebra Midges Red, Black sz 18-22
Spring Creek Scud Tan, Grey sz 18
Harrop’s CDC Flying Ant Red, Black sz 18-20
Schroeder’s Para Hopper sz 14
Fat head Beetle sz 16
Fore and Aft Midge Black sz 16-20

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at the shop for the latest and greatest. 406-333-4401. Now get fishing!

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