Marching Toward “Spring”

The weather. Always something that confounds us anglers. Not very often is it “just right”. Instead it’s too sunny and one can blame a lack of a “bite” on the premise that the big orange orb in the sky has fish staying in the depths. Or the case may be that it’s “dead stick” calm. Not a breath of moving air has the waters so flat calm that the fish are spooky careful about rising up. They can see every move we make. Sure, it makes for a heck of a lot easier casting, but just a touch of a breeze may be nice to mask that fly line landing on the water’s surface. How about clouds AND just a little hint of wind? This afternoon looks just right! Low level “heavy” clouds with snow showers and every now & again, the sun working to poke through at times. Bet the midges are going. And trout are sneaking into the shallows, riffles, and seam lines to take advantage. Bet that trusty size 18 Hi-viz parachute Adams with a good drag free drift gets eaten…..

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