Yellowstone River Fishing Report

We hope everyone has been enjoying these winter months and looking forward to an exciting spring! First off if you haven’t renewed your fishing license, do so now. The one purchased last year expires today! Make sure to check out the new pricing and fishing regulations for the 2016 season. A good number of changes will be in place this year so make sure to check it out before heading out!

The last few weeks we have seen higher then average temperatures which makes for good fishing this time of year. The warm temps have pushed a little color into the Yellowstone but not enough for concern (green is good). Fish have still been eating midge larva, stonefly nymphs, and sculpin patterns. The key right now is finding where the fish are holding and fishing that spot thoroughly. Look for the slow and low(deep) water to find fish. This also goes for your presentations. Small twitches or jigs can be helpful to get the fish to notice your imitations. The warmer days can produce some dry fly action with midges but you are probably better off subsurface unless you see fish actively feeding on or just below the surface. As the days grow longer and warmer we expect bug and fish activity to pick up. It is still very early and any kind of cold snap will put the fish and bugs back into survival mode, be patient.

Must have Flies:

AW Bow River Bugger in Black/Olive sz 8
Sheila’s Sculpin sz 8
Slumpbuster in Olive, Black, Natural sz 8, 10
Sculpzilla, Natural color sz 8 and 10
Griffith’s Gnat sz 18, 20
Zebra Midge, Black, Red, Tan sz’s 18, 20
Rainbow Warrior, sz’s 18, 20
Serendipity, Red sz 14-20
Delekta’s Big Spanker, purple, PT, silver, sz 16-20

Pat’s Rubberlegs, Black, Brown, sz 10-14

Have fun and stay warm! Let us know if you have any questions. Now get fishing!

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