People are Asking

What’s the Yellowstone looking like? Take a look yourself. Here’s a pick from the Mill Creek bridge. Yeah, if the river doesn’t head back into higher CFS range again tomorrow or Tuesday from the high 80 degree temps we are going to get, things could be turning the corner here real quick! It’s still nuking along at 13,000 plus cubic feet per second. That’s a lot of water going under the bridge! Like 13,000 basketballs from bank to bank, surface to bottom, EVERY SECOND! But yesterday was the first day it’s had a noticeable more tinge of “Going to Green” than at any time since runoff started the first week in May. Could you “get er done” out there right now? Outside chance and only on the most off-speed slow water you could find. Which there’s not much of, period. There’s been a pool amongst the shop staff and a bunch of our local valley friends on what day the river will be 9K and green, fishy green at the Corwin Springs gauge. The guesses have been all over the map. Rick is sticking to his guess of July 15. I’ve been saying July 6, 7, or 8 but have zeroed in on Friday July 7th. Some have said as early as a week from today, July 2nd. What’s your guess? I’m secretly hoping Rick is buying us all beers at the Old Saloon a week from Friday- July 7th…….

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