PMDs on the Menu

Paradise Valley Spring Creeks showing signs that the long-awaited PMD hatch is getting underway for the summer. We’ve had guides on the creeks most every day this past week and while some days have been definitely better than others, the PMD mayflies have been showing up. And the fish are starting to key in on them more each day. We’ve had a couple cold and rainy (OK, downright wet) days this past week that have made the hatch sputter and not really go that well. But with the warmer days on tap for the week ahead, things should be kicking into higher gear. The PMDs have been sporadically coming off about mid-AM as one might expect. Though on some days, it’s been a bit later after lunch that the fish have been showing interest on the surface. The subsurface nymphing has been good. If you are adamant that you are only going to fool fish with dries, you may be counting your opportunities on your hand… Best opportunity may be to get yourself rigged up with 2 rods. One for subsurface, one for dries. That way you aren’t spending quality time switching gear around while a fish is active in front of you. Nymphs: Mitchell Split Back PMD size 18, Sawyer PT 18, Miracle Nymph 20, Thread PMD 18, Black Zebra midge 18, brassies size 20. Dries: Thor’s PMD Cripple 18, PMD Loopwing emerger 16/18, PMD Sparkle Dun 16/18, Kinsey’s Hi-viz PMD 16/18. Small black and olive streamers work as well IF there’s nothing else that’s working….

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