River Looks Good!

River conditions looking good this weekend. It’s a Baetis kind of day! Low hanging clouds and doesn’t look to warm up all that much. High 40s but the wind isn’t supposed be cranked up. We’ve seen plenty of that as of late. Look for midges to be the first bugs you’ll see. Fish might get on them pretty good in the foamy back eddies. Otherwise it will be sometime in the afternoon that the blue winged olives might start up. Water temps are still chilly so look for your best fishing to be in the slow, deep, off-speed runs at the out set. 5-7 feet from first fly to an indicator. Top choices have been medium sized rubberleg stonefly patterns in olive, coffee/black, brown followed by a trailer nymph- beadhead or non beadhead in the Prince, FB Pheasant Tail, zebra midge, lightning bug, copper john kind of variety. Mostly smaller sizes – 16/18 have been good though a larger PT has been working as well. Size 12/14. Could be that the March Brown mayfly nymphs are becoming a bit more active. It’s a couple weeks yet before those should be hatching. Which then starts the conversation since we have had a couple people asking: When’s the Caddis going to be this spring?? Guessing that since we’ve had a long, cold, and snowy winter and conditions seem to be a week or more behind what they might typically be for this time of April, how about on Mother’s Day itself… First week of May is our guess. You?

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