Runoff Doesn’t Stop Good Fishing

The Yellowstone River and pretty much most everything else in the area have gone into runoff mode the past week, but there’s still good fishing opportunities. Guides have been busy with a handful of private lakes we turn to from now through early July. The Paradise Valley Spring Creeks are also a great option. And last but not least, the Missouri River becomes a collection of guides and outfitters from all over the western half of MT for the next 6weeks to 2 months as the MO fishes right through the early summer without missing a beat. Being a tailwater (dam released water), the MO maintains its fishability even if it gets really big. Which it could this year….. Back on the lakes on the home scene: Starting to see some Callibaetis mayfly activity on the warmer days. Choices have been to fish a dry/dropper rig or a short leash double nymph rig under a small indicator as the “go to” setups. Nymphs have been Yankee Buzzers in black as well as red size 12/14, Schrantz’s and Bubba’s Callibaetis nymphs sz 12/14, FB Hare’s Ear sz 12/14, Jigged PT sz 14, Prince size 14, FW Scud in olive sz 14. Dries have been as easy as a Parachute Adams size 12/14, Ausable Wulff size 12/14, Nyman’s DOA Callibaetis Cripple size 12/14. Small streamers in the lakes have also been good bets when nothing else seems to be going on. Rickard’s Seal Buggers in olive/rust, purple/blood have been good. Simple thinly dressed black and/or olive buggers sizes 8/10 can also work well.

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