There are still options!

That’s right! Even though the Yellowstone is out of order, that doesn’t mean we are done fishing! The spring creeks have been fishing great with Baetis in the afternoon. Midges before and after. Better bug action on the overcast days. The few private lakes in the area will also be good options with callibaetis nymphs, leeches, damselfly nymphs, and Chironomids. Other than that you have the tailwaters to explore like the Madison and Missouri Rivers. The Lower Madison was fishing well with flows in the 1600 cfs range. These have since been bumped up and fishing has slowed, water has dirtied, but you will still get some fish on Crayfish, Sculpin, Stonefly nymphs, and worm patterns. We have been hearing of very good fishing up on the Missouri if you can get out of the wind! Nymph rigs for the most part with baetis, midges, and a few caddis. Go fish!

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