Yellowstone Area Fishing Report, July, 6 2015

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July! Why not kick off the month with a good old 65 mile mud plug? Well unfortunately that is what we are seeing today as we look out on to the river. The rain yesterday bumped flows on the Gardner and the Yellowstone is unfishable from Gardner to Livingston. Many angler’s were heading east of town to get ahead of it. Before that plug, the river was fishing very well but you had to be on the water early to beat the heat. Caddis and Yellow Sallies are still around in good numbers along with PMD’s/Pale Evening Duns. Once the river clears again these bugs should be the go to. The weather has cooled off just a touch and should make for more suitable water temperatures. Still a little early for terrestrials but if you throw them some fish just cannot resist. A good routine to try out would be to throw PMD’s or PED’s (Pale Evening Duns), Caddis, and Sallies in the morning. Once the water warms up go to a chubby or other golden stone imitation with a Caddis larva or Stonefly nymph underneath. If that doesn’t produce try a terrestrial. Evening fishing has been very productive on Caddis adult imitations. Check in at the shop with questions on water clarity! Yellowstone National Park has seen good fishing lately as well. Most of the reports are coming from the Lamar Valley either on the Lamar itself, Soda Butte or Slough Creek. The Lamar towards the confluence with the Yellowstone and the Yellowstone itself near Tower is seeing good Salmon Fly action. Higher up on the Lamar, over on Slough Creek and Soda Butte, PMD’s, Caddis, and Drakes are the bugs to imitate. The Spring Creeks have also been a good option for those that want to test their skill on these technical waters. PMD’s are the main hatch right now. A good emerger pattern such as the cripple Thor or the pullover emerger will be good options as the hatch is starting. Dead drifting a split back PMD nymph right under the surface film is also a good technique as the hatch is starting. Use no hackles, sparkle duns, and parachute PMD’s once the adults are out. Keep a few Rusty Spinners as well for later. Midge larva and scuds are also patterns to have when fish are not feeding on the main hatch.

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