Yellowstone Area Fishing Report June 23, 2015

The Yellowstone is still fishing very well as we are seeing a lot of bugs out on the river. To name a few, Salmon Flies (In and above Yankee Jim Canyon), Yellow Sallies, Golden Stones, Caddis, PMD’s, and Green Drakes. The Yellow Sallies, Golden’s and Caddis, span the entire valley and imitations of these bugs will get fish to rise and eat on top. The PMD’s and Green Drakes are around but you will find dense concentrations of them if you are lucky enough to get some cloud cover. Keep the dry’s in the box just in case. Fishing nymph imitations of these bugs are sure to get some fish moving. Fish them in the faster riffles and more turbulent water. The best method right now is to grab your favorite big fly (Chubby’s, and Salmon flies) and get them ON the bank. If you are good enough to get the flies to land on the bank and flutter them into the water, even better. No need to throw a dropper since this will interfere with your casting and placement of the dry fly. If you are on the upper river look for the pockets behind rocks and slow water near undercut banks where the fish will be lurking. In the Valley and lower look for undercut banks (especially ones with overhanging vegetation), runs, and back eddies to hold the most fish. Yellowstone National Park is a very good place to go fish right now. Starting out at the north entrance is the Gardner River. Flows and clarity look great. Golden Stones, and Salmon Flies are the go to. Right Below or above the Boiling River will have good bug action. The Northwestern area (Madison, Firehole, Gibbon) is slowing a bit due to higher water temps. We hear that the Gibbon is still fishing well, lots of smaller fish but good fun. Attractor dries such as the Parachute Adams, Parachute Purple Haze are good options for the Gibbon. The Firehole is too warm and should be left alone. The Northeast corner should start to see some good fishing the next week or so. Lamar and Slough will be dropping into shape. Expect Green Drakes, Yellow Sallies, and Caddis when they get going. The Yellowstone River in the park can have good fishing from the park boundary all the way up to the confluence with the Lamar. Using big nymphs to imitate the Salmon flies and Golden’s crawling around on the bottom. We hear the big bugs are out in these areas so a few big drys are good to carry with you. You also have a plethora of small streams and alpine lakes with short to moderate hikes that will get you away from the crowds and into some great fishing. Stop by the shop for some suggestions! The Spring Creeks in the valley are fishing great! Hatches of PMD’s start later in the morning and you should get a few good hours of dry fly fishing in. A good PMD imitation is key during the hatch such as a no-hackle, Sparkle Dun, or Cripple Thor. Fishing PMD nymphs, and midge larva before and after the hatch will get the fish eating as well. You know the fish are in there. The best part about the creek is the hunt. Spotting that feeding trout, presenting that fly in a way that doesn’t spook him, and hopefully tricking him into eating a fake bug. If you had enough of the big bugs this is a great way to challenge yourself.

Recommended Flies for the Spring Creeks:
Zebra Midge sz 18-20 Black or Red
Skinny Nelson sz 20
Mercer’s Micro Mayfly nymph sz 18
UV2 Mayfly Nymph sz 18-22
Rainbow, Tan, Olive, Gray Scuds sz 14-18
Parachute Adams sz 18, 20
Parachute PMD sz 18, 20
Cripple Thor, PMD, sz 16, 18
Brook’s Sprout Midge, olive, black sz 18, 20
Loop Wing Emerger, PMD sz 18, 20
PT nymph sz 18, 20
Split back PMD nymph sz 18
CDC flying ant, red, black sz 18, 20

Recommended Flies for Yellowstone National Park
Elk Hair Caddis sz 14-18
X-2 Caddis sz 16-18
Goddard Caddis sz 14-18
Translucent Caddis sz 14-18
Sparkle Pupa sz 14-18
Mangy Caddis sz 14-18
HiViz Adams sz 14-18
Sparkle Dun PMD sz 16, 18
PMD Cripple sz 16, 18
Purple Haze sz 14-18
Split case PMD sz 16-18
Pheasant Tail sz 14-18
Prince Nymph sz 14-18
Chubby Chernobyl’s all colors sz 8-12
Pheasant tail Softhackle sz 14-18
Pats Rubber Legs sz 6-10
Tungsten Golden Stone sz 8-12
20 Incher Stone sz 8-12
Wooly Buggers sz 6-12
Slumpbusters sz 6-10
Zonkers sz 4-8

Recommended Flies for the Yellowstone River
Chubby Chernobyl, all colors, sz 6-14
Hot Cakes Salmon Fly, sz 4 and 6
South Fork Secret, sz 4 and 6
Carnage Stone, sz 4 and 6
Brett’s Golden Stone, sz 6-10
Woolly Buggers sz 6-10
Pats Rubberlegs sz 6-10
Bitch Creek Bugger sz 6-8
Coffee’s Sparkle Minnow Lt Olive, Sculpin, sz 6, 8
Bow River Bugger Olive/Black, sz 6, 8
Elk Hair Caddis, Brown and Tan, sz 12-18
Goddard Caddis, sz 10-14
JC Special, PT, sz 10, 12
Jack Cabe sz 10, 12
Trudes, royal, adams, sz 12-16
Stimulators, yellow, orange, brown, sz 6-14
CFO Hummer, Yellow Sally sz 14, 16
Mile’s Ride Sally Ride, sz 14, 16
Iron Sally, sz 12-16
20-Incher, sz 8-12
Copper John, Red sz 12-18
Mega Prince Nymph sz 6-10

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