Yellowstone Area Fishing Report, June 12, 2015

Still waiting on the Yellowstone. Flows are staying consistent in the 8000-9000 cfs range at Corwin Springs above Yankee Jim Canyon. Flows are even higher in the valley and towards Livingston. Clarity is very poor. The smaller tributaries are clearing each day and may drop into shape soon. We will keep an eye out for you! Heading into Yellowstone National Park? The fishing has been very good lately. Things are looking even better for the future. Water temps are in the low 70’s today on the Firehole. The area saw some cooler weather and some rain the last few days so you could see some action early and late. Once it warms up again this river will be done for the summer. The Madison in the park is still fishing. Some scattered Salmon Flies can be found. The Gibbon still is seeing good fishing with small mayfly attractors and nymphs. The Gardner River is on and fishing has been pretty good. Seeing some color to it from the rain but Salmon Fly adult and nymph patterns along with Golden Stones and Caddis are all good to throw at those fish. Water in the Lamar Valley is dropping but still a little early. The water up there is sure to be pretty cold so fishing will be slow for another week or two. The Yellowstone River in the Park is a good option right now as well. Rubberlegs along with other Stonefly nymphs and streamers will be productive. Probably won’t see the big adults for another couple of weeks. Lots of options. Go explore!

Recommended Flies:

Pats Rubberlegs sz 4-12, Black, Brown
Prince nymphs sz 10-16
Gold Ribbed Hares Ear nymph sz 10-16
Golden Stone nymph sz 8-12
Chubby Chernobyl’s in Gold, Pteronarcys sz 6-10
Brett’s Golden Stonefly sz 6, 8
Paulson’s Flutterbug sz 6, 8
Elk Hair Caddis, Tan, Brown, sz 10-16
Translucent Pupa, Tan, Brown, sz 14, 16

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