Yes, it’s been a while…. Winter Happens

I’ll admit, we’ve been away for a bit. Winter Happens….. and this has been a “real” winter around here. Not much like the past couple where by now in early Feb the low snow in the valley is all but gone Nope, this off season has been cold and snow filled. It’s taken a bit, but that snow has really piled up actually. My boat has been under a drift deep enough it was starting to look a bit less like a boat and more like a natural snow berm. The plow guys have been happy that’s for sure. However, it’ hard not to look ahead and start to have that desire to once again be out on the water. I might still take a little time before I actually venture forth. But the idea is starting to creep in. Time to pull out the waders and boots as well as a couple rods and the hip pack and set them next to the skis and hockey gear. Spring might come at some point (relatively soon?) and it’d be good to have my options ready.

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