Predict the Peak Fundraiser with Montana Aquatic Resource Service(MARS)


Test your knowledge of how runoff effects the Yellowstone River! The Montana Aquatic Resource Service(MARS) will be holding a Predict the Peak fundraiser which includes a number of prizes. Picks will cost $25.00 per pick for the peak flows for the Yellowstone River this year at Carter’s Bridge(Livingston,MT). Working with The Four Corners Foundation, MARS has put together 3 grand prizes along with others from local businesses. MARS has a goal of $5000.00 raised by the end of the fundraiser and if $1,500 is raised by this Friday, May 15th, the Four Corners Foundation will match it! We are proud of all that MARS does to protect our beloved Yellowstone River along with all of the other wonderful rivers in streams we are so lucky to have in Montana.

Click the link below to start your guessing!…

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