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Yellowstone National Park Fishing Report July 27th, 2019

Yellowstone National Park is starting to get really good! The Lamar Valley is back in shape and the fishing has been great. Occasional rain storms have put mud in some of the tributaries, but tend to push through quick and doesn’t take long for streams to clear up again. Salmonflies are no longer to be found on the Yellowstone River, but Goldens are still around. If you are in the Tower area, run down to the Yellowstone and see if you can move any fish on Chubbies, Chernobyl Ants, or Water Walkers.

The Lamar River is still improving, but anglers are beginning to be successful. Look for PMDs, Gray Drakes, and Golden Stones flying about. We still may need a little bit longer, but terrestrials are starting to come out and should start fishing on the Lamar soon. Be sure to have a selection of hoppers, crickets, beetles and ants in your box! Anglers have also had luck swinging smaller streamers through riffles and pools. Sparkle Minnows, Kreelux, and Krystal Buggers have shown to be effective. We have an excellent selection of streamers here at the shop, so stop on by and pick up some bugs.

Slough Creek has been fishing great as well. Hatches of PMDs and Gray Drakes have promoted great dry fly fishing. Look for the tail outs of riffles and deeper pools for rising fish. Gray Drake Sparkle Dun #12, PMD Sparkle Dun #18, and Parachute Adam’s #12 will move fish, even if you cannot see them actively eating. Similarly to the Lamar River, terrestrials are still on their way but make sure you have some to try just in case. If you are willing to put in the work, get to the trail head early and get up to those upper meadows and have a chance of some big beautiful fish!

The Gardner River has been fishing better and better everyday. Flows are at a safe wadable level and anglers are having great days on the Gardner. Attractor dry flies and nymphs are the name of the game. Be sure to have smaller Chubby variations #12-#16, Cutty Crack #12, PMX #12-16, and Royal Wulffs #14. Cant go wrong with a Prince Nymph, Pheasant Tail, or Pats Rubber Legs dropper in there as well.

Soda Butte has been seeing a lot of pressure but that is for good reason. Look for Gray Drakes, PMDs and the occasional Golden Stone. Easy access and wading make this stream a popular destination in the park but the fishing can be truly exceptional. If you haven’t done it before, we recommend getting out there and fishing it ASAP!

For any questions regarding other streams in Yellowstone National Park, please feel free to reach out and inquire. We do sell Yellowstone National Park fishing license so come on by to get yours today!

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